Are you ready to be a role model? It requires 1 important change...

I've been selfish.

I've been over here chasing my goals, putting the work in consistently in my life to prove things to myself. I’ve always known that I could accomplish anything that I want, as long as I truly desired it and worked endlessly at it.

It has been spread around society that we should want to achieve things not for the approval or acceptance of others, but that we should “do it for ourself”. For example, I have heard “I couldn't make a change for my husband/wife but when I decided to do it for myself, that’s when the change happened.”

But I have realized that doing it for ourselves is only the first step of impactful accomplishment. Where do you go when you have done it for yourself? Do you keep feeding your needy ego? If you are a true role model, you must graduate from self fulfillment to something else. You must do better. Do bigger. You must shift your thinking from the first layer where its all about you, to the next layer.

This is a hard step. You constantly remember that you would not have gotten this far if you didn't love yourself enough to do it for you. And now, you have to make it not about you? You are scared to lose what you have built: the strong, confident, intrinsically motivated and self sufficient person you have become. But now is the time to flourish and fight our selfish and self fulfilling nature and go deeper. To have trust that our own light and shine will not dim, but spread. Time to believe that by shifting motivation from ourselves to others brings greater opportunity. To realize that you may have defined yourself by doing it for you, but now it is time for it to be tested as you graduate to a role model. A role model not only has ones self, but others who believe in them. At this point, if you are not owning your role as a leader it becomes disrespectful to those who believe in you. When you fall short on your role, not only have you let yourself down, you have let other people down as well. This is extremely powerful motivation, much more powerful than just ourself!

In order to do big things we must address the most important layer first, our base, our foundation. I still believe the foundation is ourselves, in the form of self love and worth. I don't think you can pour from an empty cup. But when that cup is relatively full, where do you go? Will you play the game of back and forth as you choose to deal with your fickle self? Some days you make yourself proud, on other days you let yourself down. Or, will you take what you have established and be the person you need to be not just for yourself, but to lead others?

To be a role model you must care what people think about you.  Not because you have to please everyone or impress anyone, but to know how to inspire, motivate, and attract.  You must throw out the immature attitude of "I don't care what people think of me."

It is my time to own my role of all the things I am. To respect all those who believe in me. To hold myself to a higher standard. To lead in the ways I’ve established. To flourish.


August 31, 2016 by Dana Faldmo

Why I Eat Pizza and Ice Cream, And Am The Healthiest I've Ever Been

It's the truth. I am the healthiest I've ever been, eating pizza, ice cream, and donuts. To name a few.

  4 years ago I completely changed my nutrition. I was eating what I would call a "typical healthy" diet: breakfast- eggs and whole grain english muffins, lunch was a sandwich, and dinner was something like ground turkey spaghetti. Plus 2 or 3 snacks a day. And I loved desserts! Making them from scratch and eating them was one of my favorite things to do. But something wasn't right, I was so freaking hungry all the time. I was eating every 2- 3 hours, and if I didnt I would feel nauseous and irritable- what we now call HANGRY.
  I was smart enough to realize I shouldn't be feeling like this, so I delved further into diet and nutrition and came across The Bulletproof Diet, and the Paleo Diet. I went all in, threw away all the processed food in my house, all my baking flours and sugars and went shopping for real food. This way of eating was quite an adjustment, but eating this clean I felt awesome and I fixed my problem. I was no longer hangry all day, my stomach never got upset, and I had a ton of mental clarity. For about 2 years I would call myself a Paleo eater, and there were a ton of benefits for me. I didnt really mind avoiding grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugar... aka french bread, enchiladas, ghirradeli dark chocolate boxed brownies, ice cream... People thought the way I ate was weird, but because of all I learned about nutrition, I thought they were they weird ones to continue to eat sub par foods. I might have been a little judgmental too.
  Eating this way was a choice, but man I took it on like a job! I did not have any serious intolerances, I just knew through self experimentation that I felt better not eating grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugar, etc.

So how am I healthier NOW eating pizza and ice cream?!

  There came a point where strict Paleo eating wasn't as beneficial for me anymore. At that time my body was healthy but mentally I was messed up! I was developing an unhealthy mental relationship with food, and didn't even realize it honestly.
When it comes to diet, there is such a thing as too dedicated. Completely eliminating foods and even food groups for a long period of time is unnecessary, and mentally unhealthy. Not partaking in a potluck with friends and bringing your own freaking food in a tupperware everytime, is obsessive. Saying no to experiences is stupid, life is too unpredictable. I love all foods, healthy and unhealthy and there is no reason I can't eat what I want. In the words of my friend George Bryant, "You are not in a monogamous relationship with food. There is no cheating, only choices."
  Over the last 18 months I have found balance. I changed my attitude toward food. I now acknowledge that food does more than nourish our physical body, it is a mental relationship as well. I no longer think of certain foods as bad, and definitely never a cheat. Now I eat what I want, and do not need the restriction of a particular diet, I trust myself and my choices. Sometimes I eat pizza, Ben and Jerry's, In-N-Out and if there's dessert around, you bet I'm gonna try it. Because I love food!!! Healthy food, unhealthy food, I enjoy food and I have found what works for me, physically and mentally. Food brings people together, is fun, makes you happy, and gives energy.

  So what you haven't had bread in 5 years, what does that mean? You are not better than anyone else for being on a diet.

  If you are struggling mentally or physically with your nutrition, you are probably too far on one end of the health spectrum. Balance is something that most of us would love to have in our lives, and our nutrition is no different. The majority of us do not have extreme goals to be fitness competitors, or olympic athletes. What we want is to feel good, have confidence in our bodies, and live a good life. We want energy to meet the demands of our day: work, family, kids, workouts, we got a lot to do and experience. Living a strict life is not one that I want to live, I strive to have a balanced life and really live. You can't do that eating out all the time, and buying processed foods- you will not feel well. You also can't do that eating all organic, homemade, and gluten free- because we don't live in a perfect world.

 I have the best relationship with food and my body that I've ever had.  I take pride in my health and respect the journey it has been to get here.  It takes a lot of work to be find balance.  Do the work, experiment with your diet, and most importantly learn to be in tune with not just your body, but your mind as well.  

July 04, 2016 by Dana Faldmo

My Top 4 Weekly Health Rituals

"Are you too busy to take care of yourself?  That's like saying you're too busy driving to stop for gas."  

Sean Croxton posted this on Instagram quoting Brian Johnson, from A Philosopher's Notes.

Like it or not, we all need to take care of ourselves.  Whether you want to live for a century, enjoy life in the present, or is the same.  In order to live life fully, we need our health.  

Try not to approach taking care of yourself as "another thing to do"  but rather a necessary, and enjoyable aspect of your life!  

Out of all the ways to take care of yourself, these are my favorites for two reasons.  Most importantly, they are manageable.  Being manageable is huge.  If they weren't, I would have the same response as you, and that is overwhelm.  Approaching a new habit thinking "I can handle that" is a very positive feeling.  Remember, the goal is to improve your health, not add stress, and another thing to check off the To Do list.  In addition to being manageable, these rituals have stuck around in my life.  These are not things that I have done occasionally, but consistently and I have done so because I continually benefit from them. 



My Top 4 Weekly Health Rituals


1. Relax 20 minutes in a bath.

Preferably one with epsom salt in it.  I try to take my epsom salt bath on the 3rd or 4th day that I've worked out in a row.  Decrease stress, and inflammation, as well as improve mineral balance in the body by soaking in the tub.  


2. Take a yoga class.

Hot, flow, sculpt... go to yoga, get that release!

My favorite studio is The Little Yoga Room



3.  Improve your skin.

Try my favorite herbal clay mask.  How amazing is this description?

"Made with a combination of luxurious superfoods, organic botanicals and detoxifying clays, our herbal clay mask cleanses the pores deeply. It helps remove impurities, dislodge blackheads, reduce inflammation, reduce the appearance of scars and activates circulation gently to promote increased blood flow and detoxification throughout the whole body."

Yes, please.


4. Oil pull.  

Sounds weird, okay it is a little weird, but it is great for your health.  Take about a tablespoon of coconut oil, put it in your mouth...don't eat it!   Swish it all around your mouth and teeth for 20 minutes, then spit it out.  For even greater benefits, floss before you oil pull.  Why do this odd oil pulling?  It decreases bacteria and plaque in your mouth, as well as draws out toxins from the body.  


Notice my favorite rituals have a common theme, and that is to slow down.  Doesn't that sound nice?!  They are manageable and beneficial, can't get better than that.

 If you're too busy to stop for gas, you'll be super pissed on the side of the road.  Just sayin'.

Do you do any of these weekly?  What are some of your favorites?

September 09, 2015 by Dana Faldmo

Fasts, Cleanses, and Detoxes- OH MY!

These often get thrown around to encourage us to try a new way to reset our systems, and our lives. The idea that spending, or in other words suffering, through a few days for a better tomorrow is a great idea. The fact is, fasts, cleanses, and detoxes can actually be harmful to our bodies if not done correctly. With the accumulation of stress, chemicals, pesticides, air and water pollution, bacterial overgrowth, and heavy metal exposure our bodies have an enormous burden to keep us as clean and clear of these things as possible. We can all benefit from these time honored traditions, and the key to being successful is in the preparation. 


The terms, explained-



True fasting consists of abstaining from drink or food completely.  More liberal fasting includes fresh juice from fruits and veggies. Fasting will generate a degree of detox.

Cleansing usually refers to a juice fast, which resembles a more lenient fasting approach. This type of cleanse is easier on the body because you take in nutrients from the juice and those foods have already been stripped from the fiber, so it requires minimum digestion to process. The juices also stimulate the body to clear its wastes.

A true detoxification program is the ultimate approach to clearing the mind and body. It gives our cells and organs a chance to restore and breathe, and can be a time of rejuvenation. It is a practice that has been used for thousands of years. The Native Americans used sweat lodges, the Hippocratic Methods (Greece) used blood-letting and massage, and the Ayurveda (India) using Pancha Karma and Palliation. All of these cultures had a strong approach to supporting the bodies natural pathways of elimination, which in turn gave vibrance and health back to the individual.

The systems our bodies use to eliminate and clear itself include:

-Cardiovascular System
-Lymphatic System
-Digestive System
-Urinary System
-The Skin
-Respiratory system

With the multitude of systems involved in elimination, it can be tricky to have an effective fast, cleanse, or detox.  If any of these systems are not operating at an optimal level, the elimination regimen might actually cause more stress to the body. If they are functioning poorly, it can cause an already burdened system to break.


I embarked on a 3 day cleanse recently with the goal of giving my digestion a break.  I needed the break because I like to eat, and for the last 8 months, I've been eating a lot of food to properly fuel the training I've been doing.  My personal cleanse was challenging as well as effective, and I will be sharing more about that soon.  

September 02, 2015 by Dana Faldmo

Why You NEED to Eliminate Wheat

Imagine if we lived in a world where a government institution told us that smoking a pack of cigarettes was good. Wouldn't that be scary?  Unfortunately, that's how scary it really is, except it is food, not cigarettes.  Someone you thought you trusted and was looking out for you, is not.    

Let me explain to you why it is absolutely necessary to stay away from wheat, whether you have Celiacs disease or not.  This topic is incredibly personal to me as I do not eat wheat (as well as many other things) and have never felt better.

It is crucial to avoid wheat all together-or this thing called wheat that is available today. Wheat has drifted so far away genetically and biochemically, and therefore has changed its effects on humans.  The major change away from its origins took place in the 1970's to increase yield.  Wheat now has the capacity to raise blood sugar higher than eating a Snickers bar.  It also triggers high levels of blood insulin.  High levels of blood insulin causes insulin resistance, which causes accumulation of visceral fat in the stomach (love handles), diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and cancer.  The chemical makeup of wheat is one factor to blame.  Amylopectin A is a carbohydrate unique to wheat that is responsible for increasing blood sugar. This carbohydrate runs on a 2 hour cycle.  This means that after consumption, you are inevitably hungry 2 hours later.  This is coined the 2 hour hunger cycle.

Dana, and the "2 Hour Hunger Cycle."

I was a victim of this, despite thinking that I was eating well.  On a typical day I would have some type of whole grain English muffin or cereal for breakfast with a few scrambled eggs.  A sandwich for lunch on whole grain bread, and whole wheat pasta with a protein and veggie for dinner.  In between every meal I snacked: fruit, graham crackers, yogurt, string cheese, whole grain crackers, or another piece of bread.  To most, this would seem pretty well balanced and "healthy".  I thought it was too and I felt pretty good all the time except for the extreme hunger I always dealt with.  I called it 'hulk hunger' because if I didn't eat something I got so angry and felt like I was going to faint.  Yes, it was that intense.  I needed to eat so often that it was irritating and a debilitating.  If I wanted to go anywhere, even run errands I needed to bring a snack so that I was happy and could finish what I set out to do.

Does this sound like you to some degree?  This is also why I, and maybe you felt this way:  Gliadin protein is a protein unique to wheat that acts like an opiate.  It causes appetite stimulation, increases blood sugar, increases visceral fat, and causes a 2 hour hunger cycle. In essence it is perfectly crafted to cause obesity.  

Crap.  This is the "food" that I was eating all day long.

After eliminating wheat, I no longer feel this way.


Even if you feel "fine" or think you feel fine it will still effect you.    Whether you feel it or not, it is effecting you.  Why not try a wheat free nutritional plan?  I know it is precisely opposite of what we are being told.  Typically we are told to cut fat and eat more whole grains.  This is what caused the crisis.  Healthcare costs continue to rise because Americans continue to get sick from their diet. What we actually need is to eat fat and cut out grains.  You will have better mental clarity, lose weight, your gastrointestinal issues will go away, acid reflux will disappear, as well as joint pains, and on.  But, there is more to eating right- you can't just eat jelly beans, junk carbohydrates, and high fructose corn syrup.  Chronic conditions are actually bad choices in diet.  Wheat has an effect like poison or drugs, not a food.

The Benefits of Eliminating Wheat

Typical outer characteristics of someone who eats wheat-free are: Clean skin, lack of cellulite, no redness of skin, no bags under eyes, and skin glows.  With these positive traits, you have to wonder what's happening internally because the skin is a reflection of internal processes.   If you have any health conditions, or are simply curious how to feel even better, eliminate wheat.  It might be hard but it is one of the best things you can do for your health.

If you eliminate wheat you will have more energy, and sleep deeper.  There are also many metabolic transformations that happens inside.  Long term blood sugar drops, and blood pressure drops.  Absorption of nutrients increases especially B vitamins and magnesium.

How To Make the Transition Easy

Want to make the transition of eliminating wheat easy?  Primal Bake Shop proudly provides options that are completely grain free, without sacrificing taste.  With the convenience, versatility, and superior taste, you will not think twice about eating that whole wheat bagel again.

August 10, 2015 by Dana Faldmo

5 Reasons Why Your Life Sucks

Yes that is a bold title.  


I believe that these are 5 huge limitations that are natural for humans, but are also possible to overcome in order to harness full potential for anything and everything in life.

If something in life is not turning out the way you want, the remedy can probably be found in these five reasons.  

Read through these five reasons and I challenge you to be introspective and see if you recognize this behavior within yourself.

If so, let's work on it.


Here are the 5 Reasons Why Your Life Sucks!



1. You don't focus on your own sh*t.

You spend entirely too much of your OWN energy on what other "successful" or "happy" people are doing.  

You compare yourself, and are often envious.  You try and do things the way other people do them.  


Guess what... there is only 1 you.  YOU have your own unique talents to share with the world. The world will never be gifted your passions and skills if you don't focus on being the best version of yourself.   


Take away: Be Original.


2. You are inconsistent, AND you are impatient.

When you mess up (as everyone does) you think "I suck", then proceed to throw in the towel, and follow through giving up with dwelling on your imperfection.  


You don't need to be perfect, you need to be consistent.
Get your focus back, and realize that your level of achievement depends on the consistency of your quality actions over time.


You also get, "I want this" confused with, "I want this now." 


Don't put as much emphasis on when you'll reach that important accomplishment, but rather put your head down and simply put the work in every day.  Overnight success is an illusion, you must have enough patience to build and progress.


Take away: Focus on the present, with your vision in the future.


3. You talk too much.

You put out a lot of talk, or lot of excuses (which are self-validated as reasons).

Be a person of progressive actions, not of idle ideas.  You know those people who talk more about what they want to do than actually do it- annoying, right? 


Put effort into your plans and MOVE forward.  You'll never get to where you want to go by staying in the same place.


Take away: Don't TALK about it, BE about it.


4. You're too comfortable.

And therefore, super limited.  


Be brave.  Do hard things.  Take risks.  Challenge yourself.  Have the courage to fail.  Taste your potential.  Go to the unfamiliar and unknown parts of yourself.  This is how you grow.
If you are not doing these things, you become stale, stagnant, mediocre, and boring.


Take Away: If it is both exciting and a bit scary, you should definitely pursue it.


5. You need more mental gains.

Everything is in your head, and your head game isn't strong enough.  You see limits instead of possibilities.

You are fearful, and lack confidence in your aspirations.  You constantly undergo self sabotage simply by negative thinking.  


A strong mindset takes practice and effort.  It is not going to be there without work.  For your own growth, put yourself in situations where you will be challenged mentally.



Take away: Practice a confident, badass perspective.




Your forever optimistic, in-progress badass friend, 


June 19, 2015 by Dana Faldmo

Goal Progressions + Weekly Meal Plan


What came to mind when you read the above word?  




I believe every goal that one has is the desire to BE something, DO something, or HAVE something.  Maybe the goal is so big that it encompasses all three.  

Goals are not optional, they are essential to creating a life you love.  Can they be frustrating? Yes. Do they change?  Yes, they can.  What about the path to attain your goal?  Sometimes, you fail on that first step.  

Don't ever stop setting, progressing towards, and achieving goals for your life.  The function of goals are to serve as an opportunity for growth.  You grow when you fail, you grow when you succeed.  Do not ever be afraid of failure.  Fear is a liar.     

Share your goals through written or spoken word.  It makes them real, and opens up opportunity for support through encouragement as well as accountability.  Yes, sharing them brings fear of judgement about your ability to accomplish the goal, but again fear is a liar.  

I'm sharing with you my goal progression, take a look.


February 2014

Started my first week of CrossFit at BoomBox Crossfit in Temecula, Ca.  

Goals at this point were to "get strong" like I had been while pole vaulting for San Diego State.  I finally felt capable of putting my body through a stressor (which is exercise) and I was eating a very clean, nutritious diet (basically Paleo).  

March-November 2014

Same goal, but I was not actively reaching it. 

This is what I physically looked like at the time.  Lean, but not strong.

December 2014

I had been CrossFitting for about 10 months at that point, coming to class on average 2x/ week.  I was getting a little stronger, enjoying the company of my workout buddies, and slowly feeling like my athletic self.  Goal of "getting strong" became more of a priority.

January and February 2015

My body was physically feeling good by improving my technique, specifically in lifting.  CrossFitting much more up to 5 days a week in February.  At the end of February I started the nutrition programming Rennassainace Periodization (read more on that here).  With a lot of work being put into nutrition, I was becoming very driven to perform better, which would equal different training.

 March 2015

5 days a week CrossFit, plus started Olympic Lifting Classes 1 or 2 times per week. 

 April 2015

Opportunity arose to begin a small group Olympic Lifting program by GB3Athletics.  Our first week of training went well and I know I am excited for week 2!  

This is what I look like now.  Lean and strong!  I am proud of myself looking at the difference between these pictures.  Neither is better than the other, just more appropriate for my goals at the time.

My goal is to compete in an Olympic Weighlifting meet within 6 months!  I also want to do at least 1 CrossFit competition in the next 3 months.  


 On to the Food!


Since many of you who are reading these are just beginning to eat clean, or start the RP Strength Diet this week, I will not provide my own specific meal plan.  Instead, I'll show you what I have prepared for the week, and how I did it so you can tailor it to your individual meal plan.  


Spiced Butternut Squash and Apple Bake


When to eat:  Best around training sessions because it is high in carbohydrates.  

Where to buy:  Packaged peeled and diced butternut squash from Costco, as well as organic Pink Lady apples.  

How to make: Combine 1 1/2 pounds butternut squash,  2 apples (peeled and diced) in a 8x8 baking dish.  Add 3 tablespoons water to the dish and bake at 400 degrees for 20 min.  In the meantime, combine 3 tablespoons honey (raw if you can), 3 tablespoons melted grass-fed butter, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp nutmeg, and pinch of salt.  After roasting for 20 min, add honey and butter mixture and toss well to cover squash and apple pieces.  Return to oven for an additional 20 minutes.  It is done when squash are soft, but not mushy.  

A tip to preparing a lot of food quickly is utilizing all the racks in your oven.  Cook as many things at the same temperature at the same time as you can. In my oven I started with the Butternut Squash and Apple Bake on one rack, and a whole baking sheet of bacon (yes baking bacon is amazing). Once the bacon was finished, I took the bacon grease and poured about half onto another piece of parchment paper lined baking sheet.   I now had 2 pans of cooking fat to roast all my veggies.  I tossed all my trimmed brussel sprouts in the bacon grease and returned the pan to the oven.  On the other pan I had asparagus and sliced bell peppers.


Roasted Veggies in Bacon Fat

When to eat: Best after training, as it has some carbohydrates but not a large amount.

How to make it: Cut off the stems and slice the larger sprouts so they are all generally the same size.  Toss in leftover bacon fat or Avocado Oil.  Roast at 400 degrees, removing to stir about every 10 minutes until soft but crispy (about 30-40 minutes).


Bison Burgers

When to eat it:  Any time.  4oz ground bison provides 11 grams fat, 0 carbohydrates, and 23 grams protein.

Where to get it:  Costco, can you tell I made a Costco trip?!

How to make it:  Combine ground bison with your favorite dry spices.  Think flavor!  Cumin, rosemary, garlic, onion, chili powder, paprika, salt, pepper, anything will taste good!  Cook as you would any burger- on the grill or in a pan to your desired doneness.


Gluten Free Vanilla Almond Granola

 When to eat it: Best aound training as it is high in carbohydrates...and so addicting.

Where to buy it: I make sure and buy gluten free rolled oats from Organic Roots Market in Temecula.  Yes, oats are gluten free but they are always processed on the same equipment that gluten containing grains are.  If you want to avoid cross contamination the oats must be gluten free.  They are not really anymore expensive, and easy to find so that is what I do.  I buy coconut oil in a big jar from Costco, the brand is Nutiva.  You need to get one, you will be using it a lot!  I also buy Pure Maple Syrup in the Kirklands brand at Costco. 

How to make it:  This is a favorite recipe of mine.


Non Fancy Slow Cooked Chicken

When to eat it:  Just like the Bison Burgers, eat to get protein in!  4oz of chicken provides 10 grams fat, 0 grams carbohydrates, and 22 grams protein.  

How to make it:  So simple.  Wash the chicken, then put the whole thing in a crockpot, breast side down.  Set the crockpot to 8 hours on low.  No water, no spices necessary.  After 8 hours, remove the chicken, the meat will fall off the bones.  

Tip!  Replace all the bones, and weird stuff your not going to eat back into the crockpot.  Add diced carrots, celery, onion, bay leaf, a tbsp of apple cider vinegar, and enough water to cover the veggies.  Cook again on low for 8+ hours, strain. You now have nourishing bone broth.  


Where to buy it:  You know it, Costco.  


Banana Chia Pudding


When to eat it:  Best after training, as it is high in fat, and moderate in carbohydrates.

Where to get it:  Natural Value is the brand of canned coconut milk I like.  It is full fat, and doesn't have any gums or water added.

How to make it:  Recipe here.  Changes I always make: double the recipe, use vanilla extract instead of a vanilla bean, add almond or lemon extract, use ripe bananas, add 1tbsp of additional sweetener in the form of maple syrup, honey, or coconut sugar.  And you must let it sit overnight or it doesn't taste good!


Don't be fearful, embrace the work, and go get your goals! 



April 12, 2015 by Dana Faldmo

What is RP Strength? + Weekly Meal Plan

  First, I think it is interesting to tell you how I started CrossFit!  You hear a lot of people doing CrossFit first, and THEN being introduced to Paleo, but I was the other way around.  I had been eating "Paleo" for about a year, and besides my family and one other couple we convinced to do it too, I didn't know any other people that were eating this way!  It was SO OUT THERE, and it may even still be to some of you readers that haven't found the benefits to eating clean yet!  During one point in the first year of this new way of eating (which was really a new way of life) I was literally searching the internet for some kind of communal Paleo food making group, envisioning that I could make 1 meal a week for 5 families and they could do the same, essentially breaking up the work so we didn't have to cook so much!  Actually, that still sounds like a good idea in theory...anyways, I was looking for support and found that a lot people who ate they way I did, also did CrossFit.  Looking into what CrossFit was, I was instantly intrigued and knew it would be right up my alley!  But, the timing wasn't right- I had a new baby and I just started Primal Bake Shop so I knew it would demand more time than I currently had to give.  

  Finally, the time came for me to make some business connections with CrossFit gyms in the area.  Because I had connected with the local gyms for business, when I wanted to start CrossFitting I knew where I wanted to go, and that place is BoomBox CrossFit in Temecula!  I shared this on my personal Instagram, but again a big thank you to Eric the owner for providing all of us the opportunity to build ourselves not only physically, but in the vision we have for ourselves and to "train not to suck at life!"

  I shared with you last week that I have adjusted my diet to better suit performance, and how successful it has been for me.  I have been able to make these changes by putting into action, what was taught in a clinic by George of!  He had personal success, as well as some of his athletes on the Renaissance Periodization Programming (RP Strength).  Through his experience, he was able to put me on a program, and adjust to my changing needs (like when I felt deprived!)  The longer I follow it, the "better" I am getting at it.  In the beginning, I focused on hitting general goals like calorie balance, and now I strive for more specific ones- like the timing of my fats, proteins, and carbs.  Next Friday 4/10 Coach George will be hosting another nutrition clinic at BoomBox!  This is your opportunity to learn and see if what I am doing is something that will help you progress to your goals!  


Flyer says it all!  

  The Weekly Meal Plan that I share with you will give you ideas of meals, and can totally be adjusted for your body weight and goals.  As I said in the article Performance Nutrition and Meal Plan, this is my interpretation of how to eat nutritious, low inflammation, mostly Paleo foods and take it a step further to benefit performance.  

  That being said, I really like this weeks meal plan!  It actually did not take as long to prepare as I utilized some of my own products and other brands I like so that is a huge bonus!  I feel like this week is a great one to get started because of the convenience- it is a little low on the veggies, but next week I'll have to do better at that.  Lets get to it!

Pre Workout 


1 1/4 cup organic strawberry halves
30 grams SFH Whey Protein+ 10 grams Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides


Post Workout 

'Breakfast Enchilada'
135 grams baked and mashed organic sweet potato
4 ounces grass-fed beef cooked with onion, garlic, serrano peppers, and spices
3 scrambled organic egg whites
1 tbsp homemade enchilada sauce
fresh olives, cilantro 


Meal 3

'Chips and Dip'
2 ounces wild caught sardines
1 tablespoon Primal Mayo 
1/2 ounce Kerrygold grass-fed cheese
1 oz quality potato chips


Meal 4

2 ounces grass-fed ground beef cooked with garlic, mushrooms, and crushed red pepper
1/4 cup cooked organic white rice
2/3 cup steamed, then sautéed organic brocolli
dash of Steve's Paleo Goods Sriracha Sauce


Meal 5

1 slice toasted Original Pread
2 over-easy organic eggs
1 tablespoon organic raspberry jam


As usual, comment if you want to know where you can find these products, ingredients, or need guidance or support!

Happy eating!


April 05, 2015 by Dana Faldmo

April Update

I have been getting numerous requests from my supporters saying that you want to hear more from me; to share news about Primal Bake Shop, even personal updates on how I eat, and who I am, so I  am excited to share more!  

In Primal Bake Shop news, all of our Premium Cookie Mixes are back in stock!  I had to put them out of stock temporarily while I made some exciting improvements on them.  I am the most proud of our new Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.  For weeks I was tweaking the recipe with the desire to make the cookies thicker, and wow did I do it!  They are crisp on the edges, soft in the center, with the perfect amount of chocolate chips, and now thick!  Just describing it makes me want to go mix up a batch right now!  Just look at these.  


As I said on my Instagram, "I dare you to find a better Chocolate Chip Cookie," and I seriously stand by it.  Make sure and follow me there as I share much more photos!  The improvements to note on the Salted Caramel and Chocolate Brownie Cookie Mixes are in the process!  There are even less steps between wanting to eat cookies- and having cookies in your tummy.  The instructions are super clear,  simple, and the cookies are absolutely perfect!    

Our Premium Grain-Free Bread (Pread) is gaining quite the following!  There are a lot of you who, like me enjoy it weekly, because you feel good eating it and its so versatile!  I've been making these awesome turkey, guacamole sandwiches with potato chips (made with avocado oil) on them and I am in Paleo heaven.


Lastly for the shop, I am looking for customer reviews!  If you would be so kind as to write a review or a testimonial about a product(s) you enjoyed I will be sending you a coupon code for 15% off your next online order!  Your opinion really does matter, and especially as a new company it helps someone who is curious make a decision to try us out! Please email a review/testimonial to with your first name and last initial, and I will send you back a coupon code to say thank you!  

For me, I've actually been training a lot in CrossFit and some in Olympic Weightlifting.  I think it is really enjoyable for many reasons, and one of them is I feel so good during it.  I say this because I eat so clean that my body likes to work hard for me.  If you would like to see how I fueled my body this week to perform, I blogged about it.  There I show my meals for the week, and will include some recipes!  I plan on continuing to post about these kinds of things, and I made another Instagram too.  The name is Cookies and CrossFit- totally appropriate for me, right?! :)  Give it a follow to see my meals and watch my progress!



April 04, 2015 by Dana Faldmo

Performance Nutrition + Meal Plan

  I've been working pretty hard.  For the last three months I have put a ton of effort into training.  What has surprised me a lot is that for the last two months Ive adjusted my diet to better serve performance.  

  When I "figure something out" and believe that my skill would benefit others, I try to find the best way to share it.  My intention is to share my meal plan for the week, so that those who are interested in upgrading their performance through nutrition can see what it looks like. If my training goals and body weight are similar to yours, you can really just jump on the same plan that I am on, or you can use my plan as a template and adjust accordingly.  I figure I am doing a lot of work in meal planning, and if I can help others succeed in their goals through my plan, than my effort is benefiting more than myself!  

Why should you follow me?

  Prior to this nutrition plan I was feeling amazing.  I was not eating anything processed, and mostly followed a Paleo diet.  Always gluten free, high quality meats, and mostly organic produce.  My energy levels were steady throughout the day, I ate whatever I felt like in the realm of ingredients that I had for myself and physically looked good.  I also felt energized during workouts.  

  While all that is great for the average exerciser, for me I wanted more.  I wanted to get better, stronger, faster, leaner, and put on muscle!  I KNOW how important food is for our bodies, it truly is the fundamental building block of well being and health.  So when the opportunity arose to take my nutrition to the next level, I jumped on it!  I'm an "all in, or all out" gal so here I was trying something new with the potential to bring me closer to my goals.  "Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods" is exactly how I saw it.  I knew WHAT I wanted, but I wasn't sure HOW to get there.

  Over the last 8 weeks of the  program I went from 121lbs to 126 pounds, putting on lean muscle and decreasing body fat.  I am physically looking stronger, but also looking leaner.  And the changes are not only physical, I am gaining strength and performing better.  Are you wanting to progress?  If what you are currently doing is not progressing you to your goals, why not change your method?  

  Two months ago I would of found it really helpful to see the meal plan of someone who was on the program that I would be following.  This is my way of taking real, low inflammation, high quality food and applying them to the concepts of performance nutrition.  

Want to actually see what performance nutrition looks like? Here it is!

Pre Workout



3/4 cup diced roasted organic sweet potato.
3/4 link of Aidells Chicken Sausage.
1/3 cup Organic Peas with chopped onion.
3/4 cup measured raw, then wilted organic greens (spinach/chard/kale)
26 grams SFH protein powder


Post Workout

This yogurt is part of the post workout!  Kombucha is for the next meal.

12 ounces grass-fed Greek yogurt, vanilla
1/2 cup Organic berries
4oz cooked Organic chicken


Meal 3

3 Organic hard boiled eggs
1 Tbsp Primal Mayo (recipe here)
1/4 medium apple (Pink Lady variety is my favorite)
salt and pepper to taste
Combine to make an egg salad over
2 cups organic spinach, or romaine lettuce 
8oz kombucha (GT brand is one of my favorites)



Meal 4

3 oz grass-fed ground beef 90% lean, cooked with spices 
1/4 cooked organic white rice
approximately 1/2 a medium avocado or 1 Wholly Guacamole Mini
diced green onions, cilantro, lime juice, and serrano peppers to taste

Meal 5

1/6 of the yield from my amazing waffle recipe!


  I really enjoy food; the flavor, variety, and of course the nutrition it holds is very important to me.  Although I am eating the same thing for five days, I strive to have enough variety within the day that it does not become boring.  A lot of times I don't mind eating like it's a job, I don't except every meal to be the best thing I've ever eaten...but at the same time I can't just eat completely plain either.   

  If you're interested in the specifics of what I'm doing, want to know more, my ways of preparing this meal plan, where to buy things, or anything please comment to let me know.  With interest, I will be posting my weekly meal plan for your benefit.

Happy eating!


March 30, 2015 by Dana Faldmo