April Update

I have been getting numerous requests from my supporters saying that you want to hear more from me; to share news about Primal Bake Shop, even personal updates on how I eat, and who I am, so I  am excited to share more!  

In Primal Bake Shop news, all of our Premium Cookie Mixes are back in stock!  I had to put them out of stock temporarily while I made some exciting improvements on them.  I am the most proud of our new Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.  For weeks I was tweaking the recipe with the desire to make the cookies thicker, and wow did I do it!  They are crisp on the edges, soft in the center, with the perfect amount of chocolate chips, and now thick!  Just describing it makes me want to go mix up a batch right now!  Just look at these.  


As I said on my Instagram, "I dare you to find a better Chocolate Chip Cookie," and I seriously stand by it.  Make sure and follow me there as I share much more photos!  The improvements to note on the Salted Caramel and Chocolate Brownie Cookie Mixes are in the process!  There are even less steps between wanting to eat cookies- and having cookies in your tummy.  The instructions are super clear,  simple, and the cookies are absolutely perfect!    

Our Premium Grain-Free Bread (Pread) is gaining quite the following!  There are a lot of you who, like me enjoy it weekly, because you feel good eating it and its so versatile!  I've been making these awesome turkey, guacamole sandwiches with potato chips (made with avocado oil) on them and I am in Paleo heaven.


Lastly for the shop, I am looking for customer reviews!  If you would be so kind as to write a review or a testimonial about a product(s) you enjoyed I will be sending you a coupon code for 15% off your next online order!  Your opinion really does matter, and especially as a new company it helps someone who is curious make a decision to try us out! Please email a review/testimonial to primalbakeshop@gmail.com with your first name and last initial, and I will send you back a coupon code to say thank you!  

For me, I've actually been training a lot in CrossFit and some in Olympic Weightlifting.  I think it is really enjoyable for many reasons, and one of them is I feel so good during it.  I say this because I eat so clean that my body likes to work hard for me.  If you would like to see how I fueled my body this week to perform, I blogged about it.  There I show my meals for the week, and will include some recipes!  I plan on continuing to post about these kinds of things, and I made another Instagram too.  The name is Cookies and CrossFit- totally appropriate for me, right?! :)  Give it a follow to see my meals and watch my progress!



April 04, 2015 by Dana Faldmo
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