5 Reasons Why Your Life Sucks

Yes that is a bold title.  


I believe that these are 5 huge limitations that are natural for humans, but are also possible to overcome in order to harness full potential for anything and everything in life.

If something in life is not turning out the way you want, the remedy can probably be found in these five reasons.  

Read through these five reasons and I challenge you to be introspective and see if you recognize this behavior within yourself.

If so, let's work on it.


Here are the 5 Reasons Why Your Life Sucks!



1. You don't focus on your own sh*t.

You spend entirely too much of your OWN energy on what other "successful" or "happy" people are doing.  

You compare yourself, and are often envious.  You try and do things the way other people do them.  


Guess what... there is only 1 you.  YOU have your own unique talents to share with the world. The world will never be gifted your passions and skills if you don't focus on being the best version of yourself.   


Take away: Be Original.


2. You are inconsistent, AND you are impatient.

When you mess up (as everyone does) you think "I suck", then proceed to throw in the towel, and follow through giving up with dwelling on your imperfection.  


You don't need to be perfect, you need to be consistent.
Get your focus back, and realize that your level of achievement depends on the consistency of your quality actions over time.


You also get, "I want this" confused with, "I want this now." 


Don't put as much emphasis on when you'll reach that important accomplishment, but rather put your head down and simply put the work in every day.  Overnight success is an illusion, you must have enough patience to build and progress.


Take away: Focus on the present, with your vision in the future.


3. You talk too much.

You put out a lot of talk, or lot of excuses (which are self-validated as reasons).

Be a person of progressive actions, not of idle ideas.  You know those people who talk more about what they want to do than actually do it- annoying, right? 


Put effort into your plans and MOVE forward.  You'll never get to where you want to go by staying in the same place.


Take away: Don't TALK about it, BE about it.


4. You're too comfortable.

And therefore, super limited.  


Be brave.  Do hard things.  Take risks.  Challenge yourself.  Have the courage to fail.  Taste your potential.  Go to the unfamiliar and unknown parts of yourself.  This is how you grow.
If you are not doing these things, you become stale, stagnant, mediocre, and boring.


Take Away: If it is both exciting and a bit scary, you should definitely pursue it.


5. You need more mental gains.

Everything is in your head, and your head game isn't strong enough.  You see limits instead of possibilities.

You are fearful, and lack confidence in your aspirations.  You constantly undergo self sabotage simply by negative thinking.  


A strong mindset takes practice and effort.  It is not going to be there without work.  For your own growth, put yourself in situations where you will be challenged mentally.



Take away: Practice a confident, badass perspective.




Your forever optimistic, in-progress badass friend, 


June 19, 2015 by Dana Faldmo
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Nicole said:

This is great! Thank you for sharing this, all true :)

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