We are down to Earth people with a big vision. 

We like to be happy, and think that if we can make an impact on you to do the same, we can make the world an even greater place. 

Happy people make great parents, friends, coworkers, entrepreneurs, and are just nice to be around. 

We physically fuel people who strive to do their best in life. Whether it is being the best parent, professional athlete, or anywhere in between, we want you to reach your potential.


We create foods with a greater good in mind, to build a better you from the inside out.


But, we didn't alway have this wisdom. This is our full story.

I have always loved two things:  baking, and playing sports. Besides my love of bread, my other passion was for gymnastics, an incredibly demanding sport both mentally and physically. Over my 14 years in the sport, I learned the value of work and pushed the capabilities of the human body to the limit. After an injury I was introduced to a new sport in track and field, called Pole Vaulting. I loved the thrill and the same mental toughness that it required. I worked incredibly hard and earned a scholarship to the Division 1 school, San Diego State University.

With my lifelong passion for fitness and health, I studied Kinesiology in college. Upon a successful collegiate athletic career and a fulfilling degree in my hand, I became a certified personal trainer and began implementing my own life skills as well as those I earned my degree for. But, training clients for weight loss was not going exactly as planned. Despite being adequately trained, my clients program success was not consistent with the application of calories in vs. calories out. Like all other nutrition and fitness students, I educated clients on creating a caloric deficit through food and exercise to lose weight, and caloric surpluses to gain weight. I educated my clients according to the food guide pyramid and suggested they eat a ton of whole grains, egg whites, low fat, lean ground turkey, and of course a certain amount of calories.

I, myself adapted a similar diet including a ton of 100% whole wheat products. This type of diet was easy for me to follow as my favorite food has always been grain products: bread, crackers, and bagels. Over a the next few years I continued to eat a standard American diet, and felt "fine" but there was one thing that didn't sit right. I was constantly starving. I could not go more than two hours without eating, or would be subject to extreme hunger, tiredness, irritability, and nausea. I did what most people do when faced with a problem, they put a band-aid on it. I figured that I just needed to be more prepared and always have a snack with me wherever I went. Instead, I should of dug deeper to the root of my problem, and I would have found out I was seriously hypoglycemic.

Over a few years, I was blessed with the births of my 2 baby girls. It wasn't until then that I started to see my deep importance to them. This new way of eating would cost a lot of money and I didn't feel like I was worth it. I had to see my health in a new light, the one that would be a beacon to our family into the future. I took a leap of faith and decided to approach my health as an invaluable investment.  We rid our pantry and fridge of cereals, english muffins, canned foods, and other things that were pro inflammatory foods. But, the hardest thing to throw out were my traditional baking ingredients like wheat flours and sugars, which I was so accustomed to using to express my creativity in the kitchen. As expected with any change, over the next few months there were discouraging times trying to figure out what to eat. I needed to learn a new, better way to nourish my family.

From this desperation really evolved our flagship product-grain free Original Bread. When I came up with the perfect loaf it literally changed our lives. Like most people, grain based bread had been a staple in our diet. We liked the taste and loved the simplicity that it brought to our lives. But with my grain-free bread, I had combined creativity in the kitchen with my passion for the pursuit of health and happiness. Through my journey, eliminating grains, soy, legumes, processed dairy and sugar, and all the preservatives and additives as much as possible has blessed me with a clear brain. Now, I am able to impact more than my family, combining my drive with passion and an honest desire to make the world a better place. With this new found clarity I give the world what you see here, Primal Bake Shop.


Thank you for your support,

Dana Faldmo