We are Inspired by food, and we are inspired by you.  We love the way food tastes, they way it makes us feel, and the way it can bring people together.  We love people and believe that we as humans are designed to thrive.

Food is a top priority to us personally.  We see food is as a blessing, enriching our health, strength, and our happiness.  We are not preoccupied with calories, rather what composes a food and where it came from.  The way people see food and understand the relationship it has with our bodies inside and out is a very important coexistence.  Our food gives you the satisfaction and nutrients you need to kick butt all day, everyday.  

We value all of you, and your dreams in life exponentially more than cheap, processed, harmful chemicals that society calls food. By doing so we eliminated all the problems caused by standard American diet (too much body fat, sluggishness, intense cravings, digestive issues, chronic diseases, inflammation, low energy, and an overall bad mood.) Instead, we are lean, strong, productive and satisfied throughout the day, mentally focused, have adequate energy, and maintain a positive attitude, all from having proper nutrition.

 We eat REAL FOOD! And you should too.

Our creations are inspired by the Paleo Diet.  The terms Paleo and Primal are often used interchangeablly. The Paleo diet is not really a diet at all, at least not in the sense that the term diet is usually referred to.  It is much bigger than that.  It is about feeling great, and being happy.  It is about being the person you deserve to be.  Happy people, who feel great are able to share their gifts with the world.  They are able to take care of themselves and others.  They are able to give, work hard, love, and have fun.  In its essence the Paleo diet is a way of eating that yields a lifestyle change.


 Paleo/Primal in a Nutshell

High quality animal meat and eggs
Nuts, vegetables, and fruits
Grass fed, raw, full fat dairy
    *Some Paleo eaters choose to not eat any dairy
Processed sugar
Hydrogenated, and partially hydrogenated oils
Processed dairy

 We are inspired by you, and what you have to give to the world!